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Browen CONSTRUCTIONS is now recruiting

Browen Construction is a limited liability company based in the USA with branches in many parts of the world, we have been in this business for over 42 years with a lot of experience in the construction industry.Our company is expanding and We are currently recruiting technicians, engineers and heavy truck driver,machine operators to work in a deep sea complex project in Africa,America and the world at large. Only qualified and interested persons are advice to send their resume / CV via email. We do not answer or respond to any email, application or questions that do not have a resume / CV attached to it. We have variety of job opportunities in construction ranging from qualified for the workers and salaries are competitive encouraging.We provide the most safety and care for all our employees personalities involved, the ideas in this area is applied with its qualifications experience in this field is an added advantage. Attach a copy of your CV when you reply to this ad (
Benefits: round-trip flight ticket and health insurance.
Overtime payments and bonuses at the end of contract. We work 6 days a week.
Contract duration : 3 years
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